These are the most frequent questions about Pulse DAC firmware collected here.

Q1: Will we expect to see more firmware update on Pulse DAC?

A1: Yes. Pulse DAC is one of the most popular desktop DACs that we produced. But we have many different configurations for it.

       Currently the plan for the next reversion will include the DSD256 support, New Digital Filter on DSD playback and new Femto Clock Mode 2.0. 

Q2: Will Pulse firmware support MQA in future?

A2: LH Labs already signed the NDA and contract with MQA team. We will roll out MQA compatible firmware in the DaVinci DAC first, then move down to Vi DAC (Infinity and Tube) then go to Pulse Infinity and Xfi versions.   

Q3: What is the process to upgrade the firmware through USB interface?

A3: You will need to install our Windows driver and run the DFU utility. There is a dedicated manual for this process.

Q4: Is there a native USB audio class driver in Windows 10?

A4: Yes. And please refer to the following web address..

At this time, we are awaiting word from our PCB partners on the Pulse production timeline. When we have more information on that drilled down, we will let our backers know.